IRO Staff Participate in Anti-corruption Activity
Honorable Delegates from the Royal Bhutanese Embassy
Collaborative Discussion with Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia
SEED Reflection 2019
SEED 2019 in Indonesia
SEED2019 Training
Chinese Consulate in Songkhla invited TSU for Chinese New Year
MoU with Soutsaka College of Management and Technology
IMT-GT UniNet STEM meeting at TSU
Welcome representative from Chongqing University to TSU
ASWARA, UMK and UniMAP delegations visit TSU
UiTM Kedah delegation visits TSU
UniMAP delegation visits TSU
SEED Reflection 2018
Representative from TSU attended UiTM Perlis Convocation Ceremony
Representative from TSU attends UniMAP Convocation Ceremony
SEED2018 Training Program
TSU administrator visits the Consulate-General of Malaysia in Songkhla
TSU administrator visits the Consulate of Republic of Indonesia in Songkhla

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