International Relations Office Thaksin University
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หัวข้อข่าว : IMT-GT Virtual Mobility Programme: Teen Talk Project Series 1

International Relations Office, Thaksin University, in collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia, and Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia, organized “IMT-GT Virtual Mobility Programme: Teen Talk Project, on 10th of June, 2020, 09.00 – 12.00 hrs. This is a joint online forum on student group presentations on the topic entitled “Series 1: Transitioning from Face to Face to Online Learning: The Good and the Bad” hosted by Universiti Malaysia Perlis.

There were five TSU student representatives presented on the given topic and many students and staff from three universities attended the forum as audiences. The objective of this project was to share thoughts from university students of neighboring countries. IMT-GT Virtual Mobility Programme: Teen Talk Project is organized once a month, from June to November 2020 and the next series will be launched in July 2020.